This week’s meeting will include a webinar, to log-in go to:

Be ready to report your numbers!  Dials/Touches/Set/Seen/Sold/Premium

To access the recording of the River City call, use the following:​
>>The recording will be available until the start of the following week’s call.

Bill Martin Jumpstart Live! Webinar
Watch or Listen to Bill Martin make Live dials, overcome objections and answer questions from Webinar attendees.
Look for a text message from Equis with the link every Wednesday and Friday.
Or, use chat feature on your Equis Dashboard to request the link.
​Wednesday 3 pm EDT   /    Friday 3 pm EDT 

​>>View archived Bill Martin webinars here.

Equis Company Wide Sales Conference Call
This call is for all Equis Financial agents
Friday 11 am EDT
Dial In# 701-801-1220 Access Code 826858334#

Equis Leaders Conference Call
This call is for all current and aspiring Equis Leaders
Friday 1 pm EDT
Dial 701-801-1220 Access Code 730469444#


These guides are tools to help you prepare for an appointment and make quick determinations for what is best for your clients.   We recommend printing a copy of each and carrying with you for reference.

Living Benefits
​Critical, Chronic & Terminal Illness Rider Grids

Print multiple copies of each of these to use with your clients.  These documents can be personalized by adding your contact info. Current contact info on documents is just an example and should be replaced with your contact information.



New Kind of Life Insurance

Needs Analysis

Print multiple copies of these worksheets. Complete with your client, take a photo, and then text to your manager for a product recommendation.


The Value of Mortgage Protection & Living Benefits

Print and laminate this document. Use this as a tool to explain how the new kind of life insurance can benefit your client.


48-48-50 : Stats to review with clients

Print in color and laminate to keep in insurance bag.


MORTALITY Guidelines 

Print in color and laminate, use with dry erase marker while in home to review risks with clients.


TOBACCO ​Guidelines 

Print in color and laminate to keep in insurance bag. This document defines smokers & non-smoking rates by carrier.



Agent Compensation Levels

Outlines what each carriers commission levels.


Agency & Agent Promotion Guide

These guidelines outline what it takes to grow your business or commission level.


Lead Type Explaination

Lead Type Explaination


Lead Cost

Lead cost varies based on agent level.


Income Calculator

Use this tool to set and income goal. This tool will give you an idea of what your lead investment will be based on your income goal.


Work Insurance

When a client has a Life Insurance policy through their work, here are some facts to help you educate them on why this may not be enough coverage.


Override Guide & Pre-Appointed States

This guide provides details on what states require license to received override commissions and states that require pre-appointment prior to writing applications, click HERE to download. ​


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