2021 Incentive Trip

 $250,000 (APV)                            $85,000 (APV)

 Points to qualify, see website for details on participating carrier Qualification:

Contest Date: 1/1/20 – 12/31/2020


Equis Advanced Top Producers Incentive


Ignite Award Winner

Heat up your first 45 days at Equis Financial in pursuit of the IGNITE Award!
Winner receives:
10,000 towards the Incentive Trip
Ticket to National Convention
A One of a Kind Welcome Gift. 

To qualify Write 3 apps totaling at least $2,750 in paid premium in your first 45 days. Qualification period begins when an agent submits first carrier contract.

Top recruiting agent each week (minimum of 3 completed ICA’s) will be awarded $100 lead credit by Rivercity, top recruiting agent for the month (minimum 15 ICA’s) will be awarded $500 lead credit.

Any agent with $10,000 of paid premium in a month at Equis will receive $200 lead credit from Rivercity (Does not include GIWL products)

Any agent with at least 5 children’s policies in a week will receive $50 lead credit from Rivercity.

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